Buy to Let Insurance for Landlords

Buy to let insurance for landlords is designed to provide a landlord with financial security should their rental property require repair from accidental or malicious damage.

Where the rental property is held with a mortgage most lenders will require that the landlord have at least buildings insurance in place.

What is Buy to Let Insurance?

High risk buy to let key

Buy to let insurance will typically come in the form of a mixture of buildings and contents insurance. Buildings insurance tends to provide protection for the structural part of the property, primarily against flooding, vandalism and other factors. The amount of buildings insurance you need will be based upon the rebuild value of your property.

When you are a landlord you may wish to insure some of the contents in your property against general wear and tear, accidental or intentional damage. This might include carpets, curtains and any furniture/electrical items provided as part of the tenancy.

Where the rental property is held with a mortgage most lenders will require that the landlord have at least buildings insurance in place.

There are a few combinations of buildings and contents insurance that you can purchase:

  • Buildings only insurance - Insures the structure of the property e.g. roof, garage, walls.
  • Contents insurance - Provides protection for those items that are left in the property for use by the tenant e.g. bathtub, dishwasher, kitchen sink. It is not the landlords responsibility to insure the tenants private belongings on the property.
  • Buildings and contents insurance - A combination of the first two options.
  • Legal/liability cover - An added benefit that either comes as standard or can be purchased with buy to let insurance. Legal cover can be used to assist the landlord in the event that a legal dispute occurs with the tenant.
  • Rent protection - An additional benefit available with some policies that provides a replacement income to help cover loss of rental income due to unforeseen circumstances.

It is important that you choose the correct buy to let insurer for your property and individual requirements as to the extent of cover that you wish to have. There are numerous factors that will effect the premiums that you pay for buy to let insurance and these include but are not limited to:

  • Alarms in property
  • Double-glazing
  • Door locks
  • Window locks
  • Day and night time use
  • Local environmental factors
  • Age of house
  • Construction of house
  • Rebuild value
  • No claims discounts
  • Property location (postcode)
  • Employment status of occupants

How will my Special Risk affect this?

If your rental property is located in a region noted to be a high flood risk area or recorded subsidence, then it may be necessary to use a more specialised insurer to secure your buy to let insurance.

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