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Life Insurance

When you apply for Life Insurance, fatty liver should be detailed within your application to the insurer who may wish to see a report from your GP. The insurance provider may want to ascertain the cause of the fatty liver, associated conditions, diagnostic tests that were performed, including whether the condition was confirmed with a liver biopsy.

Fatty liver Life Insurance applications will be assessed with primary focus upon the cause of the condition. Where the condition is thoroughly diagnosed, well controlled and monitored, with no liver scarring and there is no alcohol consumption, standard terms can be offered. Where the condition has progressed further and a biopsy has confirmed the present state of the liver, you may find that the policy premiums receive a medium rating. When no biopsy has been performed underwriting terms will vary depending upon the amount of other diagnostic tests that have been used e.g. LFT. Where fatty liver has been the result of alcohol use, or there is present alcohol consumption regardless of cause, the application may be rated heavily or declined.

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Critical Illness Cover

Critical Illness Cover for people with fatty liver will be reviewed in a similar way to Life Insurance applications, but the cause of the fatty liver will probably have a large impact upon the application. For those who have a high BMI the application will be accepted at anywhere from standard terms through to high ratings, depending upon how high the BMI score is. Where the fatty liver has progressed to more serious conditions such as fibrosis or cirrhosis, the policy may be accepted at special terms with a premium increase or an exclusion on liver related illnesses.

For people who have a fatty liver due to diabetes or alcohol abuse it is unlikely that Critical Illness Cover will be available. Some specialist providers may offer cover depending upon the severity of your condition but it is probable that a significant amount of critical illnesses will be excluded from the policy, making its worth questionable.

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Income Protection

Income Protection for people with fatty liver will be assessed by underwriters with primary focus upon the cause of the condition. As with Critical Illness Cover, a BMI under 40 will likely result in an Income Protection policy being offered at standard rates up to a high premium loading. Where the fatty liver is caused by diabetes or alcohol consumption, cover may not be available with most companies but it is still worth contacting us to check your individual circumstances.

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As an alternative you may find that Accident, Sickness and Unemployment cover is more suitable for your circumstances. Accident, Sickness and Unemployment cover provides short-term income protection, between 12 and 24 months, in the event that you cannot work due to injury illness or involuntary redundancy. These policies are not medically underwritten so will not take into account your medical history at the point of application, but your existing medical conditions will be excluded from any allowable claims.

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Fatty Liver Disease Travel Insurance

Are you going on holiday? We suggest that you speak with a specialist broker, who can tell you exactly what travel insurance will provide for you, with your fatty liver. Please see our specialist travel page for more details here.

Possible Effects on Lifestyle

Some potential problems experienced by individuals who have fatty liver include:

  • Jaundice
  • Fluid retention
  • Liver failure

Medications and Treatments

  • Liver function tests (LFT)
  • Diet and exercise
  • Reduction of alcohol consumption

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Summary definition

Fatty liver is becoming increasingly common due to a general social increase in individuals with a high Body Mass Index. Fatty liver is often complicated by other medical conditions that can lead to more serious illness such as fibrosis and cirrhosis of the liver.

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