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Life Insurance

Life Insurance for people who have had hepatitis E will generally be available at normal terms, if you are fully recovered from the condition and have no resultant liver complications. The insurer will want to know the time of your diagnosis, the treatments that you took and the time since you fully recovered from the condition.

If you still have hepatitis E and are undergoing treatment there is a potential that you could get Life Insurance at non-standard terms, likely in the form of a premium increase.

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Critical Illness Cover

Critical Illness Cover for people that have had hepatitis E and have fully recovered from the condition should be available at standard terms with many insurers.

For those who still have hepatitis E, Critical Illness Cover will need to be arranged with a specialist insurer.

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Income Protection

Income Protection should be available at normal terms for people who have had hepatitis E and have fully recovered with no lasting complications. The insurer will want to know if the condition, or any other illness, has caused you to have time off work within recent years.

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If you still have hepatitis E and are responding well treatment then you may be able to access some short-term income protection policies. You will need to choose an insurer who looks upon the condition favourably and also expect that there will be an exclusion on the policy in relation to any claims due to the hepatitis.

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Some potential problems experienced by individuals who have hepatitis E include:

  • Prolonged symptoms (approximately 6 months)
  • Development of chronic hepatitis
  • Reduced exercise regimes until the condition has cleared
  • Change in lifestyle until the condition has cleared e.g. stop drinking alcohol

Medications and Treatments

  • PCR test
  • Ribavirin

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Summary definition

Hepatitis E is contracted through poor hygiene and the consumption of contaminated water or food. The virus is transmitted through the faeces of humans or animals. The condition can be quite serious for those with existing live conditions or who are pregnant. Hepatitis E is usually a short-term condition that is recovered from within a month.

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