Life Insurance for Thyroid Cancer

Life Insurance for Thyroid Cancer

Getting told that you have thyroid cancer will have left you with a melting pot of emotions. Understandably, you'll have felt mentally, emotionally, and even physically drained. But we can help to make things easier for you, when it comes to your insurances.

We bring a human touch to the insurance world, which can often feel quite distant and focused upon black and white forms. We will work to understand your situation and try to find an insurer that is supportive of your needs. We want to help you get the peace of mind you deserve knowing that, with the right insurance in place, your family's financial future will be taken care of.

Our friendly team of advisors will listen to your circumstances and any concerns you have before looking for tailored insurance options that best meet your needs.

So, if you have recovered from thyroid cancer and would like our help to find the best life insurance for you, here’s what we’d need to know:

  • When did you get diagnosed with thyroid cancer?
  • What was the staging and grading of the cancer?
  • What treatment did you receive?
  • When did you last have treatment?
  • If you have had surgery, are you now fully recovered?

Life Insurance

Many people think that they can’t get life insurance if they’ve had thyroid cancer. The good news is that there are some insurance companies that will consider your application, it’s just about knowing which ones to approach and this is where we can help.

The outcome is still very much down to your individual circumstances and a number of factors including the grading and staging of the cancer, the treatment that was given and the time since you last received it.

If you had a low grading or staging for thyroid cancer, and have not received treatment for some time, there’s a chance that insurance companies will offer you cover at standard rates.

The options available can be slightly different your thyroid cancer was a high staging/grading, you have been left with lasting complications e.g. lifelong medication after thyroid removal, or your diagnosis and treatment schedule has been quite recent.

In this situation, we might find that there’s still some insurers that will provide your cover but we could be looking at insurance premiums that are higher than standard rates. Or even that a cancer exclusion is applied to your policy.

The insurer may ask for permission to see a report from your GP to confirm your cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery. This is a standard process and should not be a concern to you, it’s a positive thing, as you then know that the insurer has all the correct details from your medical records.

And if you have thyroid cancer now, there are some insurance options for you too. These would be with a specialist provider and your policy would be likely to exclude any claims relating to the thyroid cancer.

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Thyroid Cancer Critical Illness Cover

Even though you've previously had thyroid cancer, it may still be possible to get critical illness cover. If you have been diagnosed and treated for thyroid cancer, our team can help you to find critical illness cover so that you’re protected in the future. The outcome will always depend on your individual circumstances and will be based on a number of key factors.

For situations where the thyroid cancer has been a low grading and staging, once there has been a number of years since last treatment, you might be eligible for critical illness cover at special terms. This may include slightly higher premiums and possibly a cancer exclusion.

If, on the other hand, you found that your thyroid cancer was of a high grading or staging, or if your treatment only finished more recently, insurers may choose to postpone your application until a future date. Once you've reached that date, they can then re-consider you for critical illness cover. It is also possible that some insurers may simply increase the policy premiums further, at which point it is important to fully consider if you are comfortable paying the higher premium amount.

In either of these situations, insurance companies will often want to see written confirmation from your GP about your diagnosis and the treatment you received, as well as your current health situation. This should not cause you any concern and in most instances it will be the insurer that pays your GP for this report, all you need to do is a sign a form to give them permission to do so.

And while this may seem like a lot of information to disclose, you don’t need to worry because we’re here to make things easier and our dedicated team are on hand to coordinate this for you.

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Thyroid Cancer Income Protection

Having recovered from thyroid cancer, protecting you and your family moving forward is a must. The good news is that there could be some insurers who will consider your application for income protection but as with life insurance and critical illness, this will depend on several variables.

It all comes down to your individual circumstances and the main thing that insurers will want to know is the amount of time that has passed since receiving your last treatment. The staging and grading of your cancer, whether you've had any long-term complications because of it, and if you are currently or have recently struggled to work due to your health.

With this in mind and depending on how long it was since you last had treatment, we might find that some insurance companies offer you standard terms for income protection. It's worth noting, however, that this isn’t always the case. Obtaining cover could prove more tricky if you had a form of thyroid cancer with a high grading or staging. Or, if you've only recently finished your treatment for it.

What’s important to remember is that a 'no' from an insurance company may be temporary. They may simply postpone any offers of cover until an additional amount of time has passed. At which point, they will be able to consider your application again. Also, please be assured that a ‘no’ from one, two or three insurers does not mean that every insurer will say no, it is always worth checking every avenue possible before looking at alternative insurance options.

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If you find that there aren’t any income protection terms to meet your needs, there is an alternative you can consider. It's possible to get quoted for Accident, Sickness and Unemployment Cover instead. It's like income protection insurance, only for a shorter term of say 12 to 24 months.

It covers you if you cannot work because of a disability, severe illness, or redundancy. For that type of cover, insurers won't take into account your previous medical history. But, you should be aware that it will exclude any claim that relates to your thyroid cancer.

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Thyroid Cancer Travel Insurance

Are you planning a holiday? Or just some travel abroad? Either way, it’s important that you have the right travel insurance for you.

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Common Questions

1. I had my thyroid removed a year ago due to cancer. I have done some research and the insurers that I have tried say I cannot have life insurance, or the premiums are astronomical. Is this right?

Unhelpfully, it depends. In the insurance world, cancer and surgery that has happened in the last year or so, isn’t considered to be a huge amount of time that has passed. It depends upon the staging and grading of the cancer, the medication that you are taking post surgery, if you are now recovered from the surgery or if you are still adjusting to not having a thyroid. The important thing to know is that being told no by one or a handful of insurers, doesn’t mean that every insurer will. You can try and do the research yourself, or you may find that speaking with a broker like ourselves can take the stress and hassle of out this. This is what we do day in, day out, and our experience can help to simplify the process for you.

2. I was declined life insurance with my mortgage provider, because I had thyroid cancer. Can you help?

Yes we can. There are a number of options that we can look at for you. Depending upon your circumstances, we would at first try and place your application with an insurer that we consider to offer standard life insurance policies. If for whatever reason we found that this was not the right approach for you, we have access to more specialist insurers and policies, that can open up a lot more doors for getting life insurance.

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