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Life Insurance

Life Insurance for aerial riggers will need to be placed with specific insurers to optimise the chance of securing the policy at standard terms. For those who work below 40 feet it is likely that the Life Insurance application will be accepted at normal rates with most insurers. Where the applicant works over 40 feet the application should be placed with an insurer who has specific underwriting guidelines that allow for standard terms for applicants working at significant heights.

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Critical Illness Cover

Critical Illness Cover for aerial riggers who work over 40 feet may be available at standard terms provided that the application is placed with an appropriate insurer. Critical Illness Cover often comes with Total Permanent Disability (TPD) included within the claims set. This is likely to be excluded for aerial riggers working at over 40 feet, but this should not cause any concern as there will generally still be at least another 40 conditions to claim on. Aerial riggers working below 40 feet will typically be able to secure standard terms with most insurers.

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Income Protection

Aerial riggers Income Protection policies should be placed with an insurance provider who can offer an own occupation definition. It is important that you apply for an own occupation definition for the policy, rather than suited or any occupation definitions which are far harder to claim on. This is because your claim is then not based on being an aerial rigger but on your ability to perform any like job or any job at all, respectively. Our financial advisers will place your application with the correct insurer to enhance the likelihood of your Income Protection policy being accepted at an own occupation definition.

Income Protection for aerial riggers will come with a deferment period of 1 day, 1 week, 4 weeks, 8 weeks, 13 weeks, 26 weeks or 52 weeks. The deferment period is the amount of time that you must wait from becoming unable to work before the policy benefit will be paid out. You should consider any employment benefits, savings and budget for the Income Protection policy when you make the decision as to which deferment period suits your circumstances most. Our financial advisers can help clients to determine the most appropriate deferment period for their individual circumstances and we are happy to discuss the benefits of different options with you.

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Summary definition

Aerial riggers are responsible for ensuring the safety of individuals across both professional and recreational activities. An aerial rigger may be employed to construct and maintain trapeze platforms, zip lines and gymnasium facilities (such as aerial yoga/pilates), to name but a few. Aerial riggers must not only provide safe environments for others to use, but must also ensure safe access for themselves and colleagues when constructing the rigs.

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