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Life Insurance

Life Insurance for fishermen can often be available at normal terms, but this will depend significantly on the types of vessel that you use, where you travel to (close to shore, deep sea) and how often you are at sea. Fishermen on small vessels, deep sea trips and/or regular excursions may find that their Life Insurance policy is accepted at special terms which will likely involve an increase to the base monthly premiums.

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Critical Illness Cover

Fishermen's Critical Illness Cover may be available at standard terms. If you are required to use small vessels, travel greatly offshore and/or spend significant time away from land the Critical Illness policy may be offered at non-standard terms. This could be a higher premiums and/or occupational exclusion.

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Income Protection

Income Protection for fisherman will be considered on an individual basis and we strongly suggest that you speak with an insurance adviser before placing your application. Where your work does not require you to work far off shore, then Income Protection may be available at standard terms with select insurers. Deep sea fishermen will need to place their Income Protection application with a specialist insurance provider to try and secure terms of cover.

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Summary definition

Fishermen are considered to have one of the most hazardous occupations due to the unpredictability of the environment that they work within. Fishermen are highly skilled individuals who must be alert and adaptable to environmental changes that may place themselves and/or their crew in danger. A fishermen's primary objective is to harvest the right type and amount of fish that they are allowed to bring to shore at each seaward journey.

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