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Life Insurance

In general being a pilot will not have a huge bearing upon a Life Insurance application that you place. We are often able to secure standard terms for pilots Life Insurance, so long as they do not have a significant medical history or regularly travel to hazardous countries. When applying for Life Insurance for pilots the insurance provider you apply to will likely ask you what you do for a living in which case you will need to provide this information. So long as you do not take part in excessive private aviation too then a lot of insurance providers should accept you at normal terms.

If you are a helicopter pilot please be aware that your application may be assessed differently to that of an aeroplane pilot. Insurers perceive helicopter use as more hazardous than aeroplane travel and we strongly recommend that you speak with one of our experienced advisers who can place your application with the correct provider for you.

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Critical Illness Cover

Critical Illness Cover for pilots is often assessed in the same way as Life Insurance. If you are a commercial pilot with no significant medical history then you should be able to get a policy on standard terms. This is because insurers do not view your occupation as placing you at a heightened risk of developing a Critical Illness. Other factors such as your own or familial medical history are more likely to have an impact upon your application; please refer to our pages for more information if required.

It is worth noting that TPD (Total Permanent Disability) is not likely to be available with your Critical Illness Insurance due to your occupation. If it is available it will usually be on a 'Any Occupation' or similar definition.

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Income Protection

Income Protection for pilots is possible but there are specific stipulations to the cover. An ideal Income Protection policy will cover you for 'Own Occupation' meaning that should be unable to do your specific job duties then you can make a claim. This definition is not always available for pilots so you would be best speaking to an adviser who can explain what options are available to you.

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Review by John on 25th April 2017

Exceptional service I would happily recommend them to friends and family. They took the time to fully understand my circumstances, they were knowledgeable on my occupation(pilot) and they got me a great deal. - 5 Stars

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Summary definition

When it comes to insurance, pilots are classed as an individual who operates an aeroplane of any size for either commercial or military purposes. This page refers specifically to commercial pilots who are subject to different underwriting considerations to military personnel. If you are a member of Armed Forces please visit one of the following pages that are tailored specifically for your needs: Army, Navy, RAF.

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