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Life Insurance

Life Insurance for people who do weight training is often available at normal terms. Insurance providers will want to know about your general health which is likely to be very good for people who are actively involved in improving their fitness. One area that can cause issue with some insurance companies is an individuals body mass index (BMI). Many insurance providers use a table to determine if an individual is underweight or overweight. Weight lifters can have high BMIs due to the extra muscle that they carry.

By approaching the right insurance company, cover can often be obtained at better rates by simply explaining the situation to them and sometimes having a nurse screening. Some insurance companies are much happier to have somebody who is heavier because of their fitness regime than an unhealthy lifestyle.

If an individual has used any illegal drugs such as anabolic steroids then Life Insurance would not be available until they have been off the drugs for one to two years. Please refer to our drug use page here for further details.

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Critical Illness Cover

In a similar way to Life Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance is often available at normal terms for people who do weightlifting or bodybuilding. Again a persons BMI can affect the price the insurance company offer, however some companies can give allowance if this extra weight is muscle instead of fat.

For those who have used drugs such as anabolic steroids applications for Critical Illness Insurance would need to be postponed for at least one to two years after last use. Please refer to our drug use page here for further details.

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Income Protection

Income Protection cover can often be available for people who weight lift or body build. In fact many companies will not ask about it so long as it is in a non-competitive scenario. If you do compete then individual consideration will be needed and we would recommend speaking to an adviser who can help point you in the right direction.

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Bodybuilders Travel Insurance

Are you planning on travel abroad? Make sure that you have the right insurance in place for your health as a bodybuilder, by visiting our dedicated travel page here.

Fun Facts

  • It takes three days for your muscles to recover from a workout
  • Protein synthesis to build your muscles can continue for up to 72 hours post workout
  • Fats are good for you, it's calories that are the bad guys, so tuck into wholefat milk, full fat mascarpone and cream!

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Weight training can cover many fitness enthusiasts including athletes, bodybuilders and anybody who does strength/weight work at home or at the gym.

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