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Life Insurance

If you canoe, Life Insurance applications may need to detail your hobby. It is best to speak with a broker who will know where to place your application, some insurers ask about canoeing or kayaking others do not. It is possible to secure Life Insurance for canoers or kayakers at standard terms but this will be dependent upon the regularity of your activity, where you canoe, the experience you have and any qualifications that you hold. For individuals who take part in competitions you may find that the insurer increases the policy premiums. Even if you regularly canoe or take part in competitions it is very likely that your cover will still be acceptable at standard terms with the right insurance companies.

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Critical Illness Cover

Critical Illness Cover applications that include a canoeing disclosure are likely to receive normal terms, provided that the correct insurer is chosen to place your application with. Certain more hazardous activities such as whitewater rafting may need further consideration from insurance companies but so long as it is not too regular then cover should still be acceptable at normal terms.

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Income Protection

Income Protection for canoers can often be available at standard rates so long as the correct insurers are chosen. Some activities such as whitewater rafting may need insurers to look more carefully at your activity, but if only occasional, should not cause any major concern.

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Canoers Travel Insurance

Canoers who are planning to take their hobby outside the UK, should ensure that they have sufficient travel insurance in place. Get your no obligation quotation here, from a specialist travel broker that we work with.

Healthy Living Insurance

In general canoeing requires someone to be fit and healthy, to be able to use their upper body strength for sustained periods of time. Canoers may find that their active lifestyle suits the VitalityLife protection policy, that provides rewards for living healthily. To find out more click here.

Fun Facts

  • Some traditional canoes were made from buffalo hides or seal skins
  • Canoeists can reach speeds over 20 knots
  • You can canoe across Africa

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Summary definition

Canoeing can be either a solo or group activity, in which people sit in an open-deck canoe using one or more paddles to move across water.

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