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Life Insurance

When you apply for Life Insurance, mountain biking should not cause any concern to the underwriting of your application. Cyclists should be able to receive standard terms for Life Insurance with all insurers.

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Critical Illness Cover

Critical Illness Insurance for cyclists will be available at ordinary rates with all major insurance providers. If you regularly travel abroad to mountain bike you will need to inform the insurer of this so that they are fully aware of what your hobby entails, it is unlikely that this will affect your insurance application.

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Income Protection

Income Protection for cyclists should be available at standard rates with most insurers. Cyclist Income Protection policies will come with a claims deferment period anywhere between 1 day and 52 weeks. Our financial advisers can help you to determine the best policy options for you based upon your employment benefits, medical history, savings and budget for the policy.

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Cyclists Travel Insurance

Are you planning on cycling somewhere a bit more exotic than the UK? Take a look at this specialist travel broker, who can provide you with a no obligation quotation here.

Healthy Living Insurance

Cyclists are typically fit individuals, who maintain a healthy lifestyle, to achieve peak performance for the ride. For those cyclists who are actively exercising, the VitalityLife insurance policy could be a worthwhile consideration. This policy type provides access to financial rewards if you live healthily. To find out is this policy could be right for you, click here.

Fun Facts

  • The longest tandem bike to be built, was 67 feet long (35 seats)
  • Early versions of the bicycle date back to the 17th Century, and took a similar form to today's balance bikes
  • Riding a bicycle is three times more efficient, when it comes to energy spent, than walking

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Summary definition

Cyclists typically use a two wheel vehicle to transport from A to B. Cyclists can use a range of equipment depending upon their needs including mountain bikes, hybrid bicycles, racing cycles and cross-country bikes, to name but a few. Cyclists can develop a great deal of physical stamina and improve their general health by pursuing this sport.

Other Services Available

You can apply for any of the following services through ourselves

* Please note that accident and sickness cover will likely exclude pre-existing health conditions.
** These services are placed with our selected partners.

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