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Life Insurance

Life Insurance for horse riders will often be accepted at normal terms. The type of horse riding that you do may need to be disclosed on your Life Insurance application, however some insurers will not require details of private hacking if that is all that you do. The insurer may wish to know how often you ride, whether this is an amateur or professional activity and if you take part in competition or show jumps.

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Critical Illness Cover

Critical Illness Cover for horse riders is also often available at normal terms. Horse rider Critical Illness Insurance applications may be subject to exclusions to the Total Permanent Disability aspect of the policy. This exclusion may be applied if you are a frequent horse rider and/or take part in more hazardous aspects of the sport such as competitions and show jumps. Whilst this may not be desirable, TPD is more of an additional extra to these policies and the exclusion should not deter you from the significant benefits of the cover. If you want more information about Critical Illness Cover and TPD please feel free to contact us on 0800 567 7450.

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Income Protection

When you are a horse rider, insurance applications for Income Protection will often be considered for normal terms when you take part in private hacking only, competitions or show jumping. The insurer that you approach will want to know if you have had any injuries due to your riding activities, and this may affect the policy options available to you.

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If the income protection policies on offer to you come with a horse riding exclusion, a financial adviser may be able to offer you a package comprising of accident/sickness cover and income protection cover, that could provide some cover for your activity. If you would like further details on this please feel free to contact us on 0800 567 7450.

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Horse Riders Travel Insurance

Horse riding abroad can be a wonderful experience, giving you access to different climates, environments and terrains. Make sure that you have the correct insurance in place to cover you for horse riding outside the UK, by talking to a specialist travel broker. Find your no obligation quotation here.

Fun Facts

  • Horse drawn chariot races can be traced back to the Olympics in 682 BC
  • In the UK there horse riders are typically female
  • Horse riding is considered to be more dangerous than riding a motorbike

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Summary definition

Horse riding for insurance purposes involves general leisure activities, hacking, polo, dressage, vaulting, show jumping and other equestrian sports.

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