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Life Insurance

Life Insurance for amateur rugby players should be available at normal terms. When you place your application for Life Insurance the insurer will want to know if you take part in rugby on a semi-professional basis at all.

If you play rugby on a professional or semi-professional basis then please see our dedicated page for you here.

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Critical Illness Cover

Critical Illness Insurance for amateur rugby players will also likely be available at standard terms. The insurer will be interested in whether you have suffered any recent injuries from taking part in the sport. Due to the risk of severe injury you may find that Total Permanent Disability will be excluded from the policy. This is just one claimable aspect of the policy and it should not deter you from the many conditions that you will still be able to claim for on the policy.

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Income Protection

Income Protection for amateur rugby players should be available at normal terms, but you will need to place your application with an insurer who looks upon the sport favourably. If your involvement in rugby is purely on an amateur basis then your application should be reviewed on your regular occupation only.

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Rugby Travel Insurance

Are you planning on going outside of the UK to play rugby? Makes sure that you have the right travel insurance in place, click here for your no obligation travel quotation.

Healthy Living Insurance

As a rugby player you are in a highly physical environment and are regularly active. You may find that the VitalityLife Life Insurance policy may suit your needs as it gives practical rewards for those who live a healthy lifestyle. Please see our healthy living page to find out further details of the benefits and rewards you can earn through VitalityLife here.

Fun Facts

  • Rugby balls were originally made from pig bladders
  • The New Zealand All Blacks traditional war dance is the Haka Ka mate Ka mate
  • Many rugby players experience sustained trauma to the outer ear, developing what is known as 'cauliflower ear'

For more information on specific health conditions, pastimes, occupations and countries please select here:

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Summary definition

Amateur rugby players get together to take part in a sport that they love. Playing in an amateur setting can involve taking part in matches, coaching peers and training young players. Rugby players are highly aware of their physical surrounding and moving their body safely, though the risk of injury is higher due to the nature of the sport.

Other Services Available

You can apply for any of the following services through ourselves

* Please note that accident and sickness cover will likely exclude pre-existing health conditions.
** These services are placed with our selected partners.

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