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Life Insurance

Life Insurance for those travelling to Brazil may be available at normal terms, if the journey is short-term and infrequent. The insurer will want to know the purpose of your visit, the time you intend to stay in Brazil for, your destination and how often you plan on going to the country over the next year. For journeys under 30 days it is possible that you will have access to normal terms of cover.

If you are planning a visit of more than 30 days or multiple trips in the year the insurance provider may choose to offer Life Insurance at non-standard terms. For those who have travelled to Brazil in the past it is possible that the insurer will ask you to undergo a Hepatitis and HIV test before they will provide final terms of cover.

Offshore workers based in Brazil will find our dedicated offshore page useful.

It is also worthwhile reading the short guides and infographics we have developed for offshore workers Life Insurance before you place any applications.

Short family holidays to Brazil should not in general impact upon your Life Insurance application.

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Expat Life Insurance

British citizens who have moved abroad can often still access life insurance and critical illness cover in the UK. There are specific rules that you must follow to be eligible for new life insurance and critical illness policies, and we are here to strip out the jargon and get you the cover that you need.

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Critical Illness Cover

Any Critical Illness Cover application that you place will similarly need to detail the reason for your travel to Brazil, the duration of your stay, where you are going to stay and how often you plan to visit the country. Short-term trips of less than 30 days, will generally have little bearing on the application and Critical Illness Cover should be available at standard terms.

For individuals travelling to Brazil for more than 30 days per trip, or those who visit the country multiple times in any given year, it is possible that the insurer will offer the policy at special terms. The insurer may ask you to undertake a Hepatitis and HIV screen before they offer terms of cover if you have travelled to Brazil in the past.

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Income Protection

Income Protection for those travelling to Brazil may be available at normal terms in some circumstances. If you are travelling to Brazil for work the insurance provider you approach will want to know what your occupational duties are during your visit, how long each trip will last, the specific destination of your employment and how often you will be asked to travel to Brazil. Journeys of less than 30 days will probably have little impact on your application, with standard insurance providers generally offering normal terms of cover.

For trips lasting more than 30 consecutive days the insurer may decide to offer Income Protection at non-standard terms. As with the other insurances discussed, you could be asked to submit to a Hepatitis and HIV test if you have previously spent time in Brazil.

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Brazil Travel Insurance

Are you planning on travelling to Brazil for a holiday? We've teamed up with a specialist travel insurance broker who can provide comprehensive travel insurance for visiting most countries. Please feel free to request a quote from them here.

Fun Facts

  • Brazil is famous for its annual Carnaval festival that showcases the country's love for life, with huge parades, samba and music.
  • Brazil is home to the Amazon rainforest, the world's largest tropical rainforest.
  • Brazil has a hugely diverse wildlife and has more species of monkey than any other country.

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Summary definition

Brazil is a country located in South America with a rich biodiversity including the Amazon river. Brazil has a vibrant culture not least including its world-renowned Carnival.

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