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Life Insurance

When you apply for Life Insurance, travel to Iraq needs to be detailed within your application. Primarily the insurer will want to know how often you intend to travel to Iraq, the duration of your stay and whether you are travelling as a civilian or military personnel. Civilians who work and stay at an Army Base have been known to get cover, however this is a constantly changing philosophy for insurance companies so specialist providers may need to be chosen. Please contact us if you wish to see if we can cover you.

When working in Iraq, Life Insurance applications for Armed Forces personnel will typically see policy premiums loaded, due to the higher risk associated with their deployment and occupational duties. In many circumstances the extra premiums can be claimed back as it has only been applied due to your occupation.

When you are visiting Iraq for a short period of time such as for a holiday or to visit family your application should be accepted at standard rates.

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Expat Life Insurance

British citizens who have moved abroad can often still access life insurance and critical illness cover in the UK. There are specific rules that you must follow to be eligible for new life insurance and critical illness policies, and we are here to strip out the jargon and get you the cover that you need.

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Critical Illness Cover

Critical Illness Cover for civilians in Iraq has been available in the past however in the current climate, insurance companies are not offering any protection. This rule is constantly changing so we recommend contacting us to see what is available at present.

Armed Forces personnel who are deployed to Iraq will probably find that they have a critical illness or occupation exclusion on their policy. A critical illness exclusion will be applicable to certain conditions such as loss of limbs, coma and traumatic head injury, as they are seen to be of a higher chance of occurring due to your occupation. Occupation exclusions can be placed on the policy which will mean that any critical illness caused by your work will not be covered by the policy.

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Income Protection

Income Protection for civilians or armed forces personnel based in Iraq can be difficult to arrange. The application will certainly need to be placed with a specialist insurance provider who may consider the cover. Your Income Protection application will need to detail the duration of your stay in Iraq, how you will travel whilst there, where you stay and your daily routines whilst there. It is important to be realistic when applying for this cover and expect that any insurer who does offer you cover will only do so with rated policy premiums.

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Iraq Travel Insurance

Do you plan on going to Iraq? We've teamed up with a specialist travel insurance broker who can provide comprehensive cover for most countries. Request your no obligation travel insurance quote here.

Fun Facts

  • Iraq, once ancient Mesopotamia, is the birthplace of writing.
  • Try the traditional dish of masgûf while you visit.

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Summary definition

At the present time there continues to be a degree of civil and military unrest in Iraq. Insurance Providers like to know if you intend to travel to Iraq in the near future, as you are perceived to be entering a location where your life and health will be at greater risk than within the UK. Insurers regularly change their underwriting acceptance terms for high risk countries based upon the latest reports of civil, political and military activities.

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